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Woo buddy that’s a rough face. But today was so good.

I went to sleep too late last night, and felt kind of crappy, so I wasn’t even sure I’d make it out of bed this morning for sprints. Well, that’s a lie. I knew I would get up, because you can’t slack off just because you feel a little icky. But I wasn’t sure how long I would last.

But once I was up and dressed, I was good.

6 min warm up jog

3x: 1 min sprint, 1-2 min recovery

5x: :30 sprint, :30 recovery

8x: :20 sprint, :10 recovery

11 min jog

It was gooood. SO good. And really freaking hot! Thanks, Alabama. I ran from my house to Monnish, did several laps around, then did a quick down and back of part of Forest Lake. It’s really fun to be able to run from my house because I get a totally different view of my neighborhood.

The other exciting news of today (and TMI but I just don’t care) is that for the first time ever, I only had to wear one bra to run. I bought one of the new super supportive sports bras from Victoria’s Secret last night and y’all, that thing is LEGIT. The fact that I didn’t have to double or triple down is huge, AND the fact that I could do SPRINTS in it? MONEY.

Anyway. I know some of you don’t care, but if you are searching for a good sports bra, get yourself to VS, cry about the price, get over it, and change your LIFE.

Anywho. Yep. Sprints. Running. It’s GOOD.

Oh, I don’t know if I shared it here, but I’ll be doing a sprint triathlon in a month. HA because why not? So I’ll be changing up my training next week to prepare for that. I’m pretty pumped. Have no clue what I’ve gotten myself into (I don’t bike or swim….ever.) BUT it’s a fun new challenge, it was cheap to sign up for, and why the heck not? Even if I finish dead last I get to say I did a triathlon. Like, what? That’s insane.


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Ladies, never underestimate the value of a good sports bra. Invested in the new Victoria’s Secret incredible bra. Did sprints this morning. A++++++

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I’m still freaking exhausted and yesterday was muggy as all get out so I decided to just go hard for 30 minutes and be done with it. And yeah, an 11:53 pace is challenging for me. GET OFF MY BACK.

But really, I was just too tired and cranky to focus so I ran at my uncomfortable pace for half an hour then hit the shower and called it a morning. Sometimes that’s the best you can do.

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I used to think catcalls were flattering

It’s true. In my days of self-loathing and low self esteem, I welcomed any “positive” comment about how I looked from strangers. It happened most frequently in my days in New York - it’s a different culture, a different mix of people, and just a larger volume of men (and women) daring enough to share EXACTLY what is on their minds.

Sometimes it’s innocuous; “hey girl”, “yo ma”, “sup beautiful?”. Those can be greetings. Maybe you do just want to say hello, or see how my day is going. But it’s the up and down leers that coincide with the greetings that turn it into something more. Turn it into a feeling that I no longer own my body. That you feel the right to tell me EXACTLY what you would do to it, given the chance.

Like I said, I used to welcome it. When I didn’t love myself, was convinced no one could find me attractive, a guy walking down the street telling me I have a nice rack made me feel like I had some worth. That if a stranger on the street thought I was pretty, maybe someone someday could love me.

Y’all, I know that’s messed up. But that’s what happens when you can’t find love for yourself. When you think the only way to validate who you are is through those around you.

But here’s the thing; it’s harassment. Yelling at a stranger lewd comments and things you’d do to her isn’t a compliment, it isn’t a way to get a date and it isn’t something we as a society should accept. It’s a way to strip a woman (or a man) of their power, to take their humanity away and reduce them to an object for you to judge and take advantage of.

I shouldn’t have to worry about when the line gets crossed, when the guy decides it’s acceptable to put his hands on me. I should be able to wear whatever I please without fear of someone reducing me to an object.

It’s alright to tell someone you think they are beautiful. It’s alright to approach a stranger and try to start a conversation. But it’s never alright to harass someone because you feel you have the right to objectify them and say whatever is in your head. And if you approach someone and they don’t want to chat, you have to let it go. They don’t owe you anything; not a smile, not a number, not a hug. You owe them the comfort of walking down the street without worrying about what lewd comment is going to be thrown at them next.

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It’s a little awkward when BBW blogs start following you. Like…sorry y’all, the most you’re getting are awkward sweaty face pics after I run. Not so sexy.

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My butt is so sore. Leg day got me good yesterday. But darn it all if I haven’t squatted myself a fine booty.

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Yesterday I had a cheesy sandwich and fries and beer. I also ran six and a half miles, showed my friend proper lunge form and got a million comments on how tiny my waist looks. I also had a few moments of why am I such a failure why doesn’t anyone love me what am I doing here? I also realized I’m where I’m at for a reason and I’m so excited and blessed to have the opportunities I’ve had.

So clearly, it’s really really all about balance. And by balance I mean I’m a crazy person who experiences all of this in the span of 12 hours.

And then I slept 11 hours.

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Ugh. That’s my I am not pleased face. I only got six and a quarter miles before my body basically told me to quit running or it would quit for me.

It just wasn’t ideal conditions for me today. In the sun, it was HOT. And I ran from my house instead of my normal lot, so it was a new unfamiliar route. And apparently I’m dehydrated. And this week has been quite draining. And the endless body cramps. Basically, a lot of factors that played into a less than stellar run this morning. I tried to walk a bit and then finish out my final two miles, but every one of my organs were screaming at me to stop. I had cramps in places I didn’t know could cramp, and my left big toe is still threatening to lock up forever.

Oh well. Win some lose some. Next week we will shoot for eight and a half. Or the week after that since I have a wedding to go to. Either way, it’s not like I’m suddenly going to stop being able to run long distances. Even if my brain is trying to tell me otherwise.

We will call this progress since just a few weeks (or days) ago I’d be so pissed at myself for not hitting my distance I would have spent the day sulking. Instead, I’ll press on and enjoy my day in Birmingham. :)

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Quick Fit (8/15) : Yep, definitely taking a break from classes for a few weeks.

I KNOW I told y’all I was going to cool it. And I am, I swear. BUT a friend of mine was teaching class today and he was nervous so I told him I’d take it. SO SUE ME. But really, it made it glaringly obvious that I DO need to ease up a bit. I felt really woozy and ill after class. SO YEP. CONFIRMED.

ANYWAY. It was a rough one today, man.

2 rounds, :45 each


pushup plank knee to chest

toe touches on riser


rotation burpee


jumping jacks

leg lifts

single leg burpees - R

single leg burpees - L

plank ups

squat taps


lateral jump burpees

plank touch

seal jump

fast feet (:20)

HOLY MOTHER. That thing was rough, man. But imagining doing it on a day I hadn’t already lifted for an hour is encouraging. I could push even harder, do even more. And that’s progress and positive thinking. So I like it.

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