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BRB, crying

Sometimes I forget my lunch (like today. UGH.) and on those days I either run to Winn Dixie or Subway, since they are the closest, healthiest options to my work, since we are out in the middle of nowhere. A few weeks (maybe months? Idk) ago I went in and wandered around Winn Dixie for waaaay too long. I was super hungry, but also super lazy and couldn’t decide what I wanted. Eventually I made my way back to the deli and found some fajita chicken that looked pretty decent. I started chatting with the lady behind the counter about who knows what, but including that I worked at the gym, how I was trying to find a healthy option, why I like eating healthy, how I work out, my journey, yada yada yada. Basically, I spent way too much time in the back of the store, but it was really nice. She told me she was trying to eat better so I just encouraged her and then took my food and went on my way.

Well, today I forgot my lunch. AGAIN. It’s sitting on my kitchen counter, all packed and ready to go. Snacks included. UGH. So I went in to talk to the office manager about when she was going to lunch and how I would need to go out, etc etc and she told me she was in Winn Dixie last night picking something up from the deli and the lady behind the counter started talking to her about how all of us PARA people are just so nice.

And then she told her about this one girl (ME! IT’S ME!) who came in a few weeks ago who had forgotten her lunch and she was so sweet and she talked to her about eating healthy and working out and that she wanted her (ME!) to know that since they talked, she has lost 16 pounds.

Y’ALL I’M GOING TO CRY. This is why I share my life. This is why I talk too much, I write too much, I share every ugly detail. At the end of the day, yes, this is about me and my journey. I started losing weight, getting healthy, caring about myself because it was time to start loving ME. But it’s turned into so much more than that. I want my love and passion for getting healthy to overflow. I want it to spill out and touch other people. And lately I’ve felt a little like that hasn’t been the case. That I bother people with how much I talk about it. So to hear that today made me feel REALLY good.

I’m working on some ways to make a bigger impact. To share my story, my passion with other people. So little moments like this remind me that I’m on the right path. Praise God. :)

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I don’t know what that poo face is about. I woke up at 5:10 this morning and it was pitch black outside. I hadn’t looked at the clock yet so I was like oh good it’s still the middle of the night. NOPE. UGH. so I got up and got ready, struggled with peeling my egg and managed to leave the house by 6:30. Struggle.

Hit up the river walk, though I’m getting reeeeally bored with it. Might have to change it up next week. Got after it a little too hard in the beginning so my last ten minutes or so weren’t too pretty. I got a crazy bad pain in my shoulder that shot down into my side so I hobbled along like I was having some sort of fit for about three minutes. That was cute.

Anyway. All of me hurts today, between the sunburn, the shoulder and the leg day soreness. In other words, it’s mostly a miracle I got out of bed anyway since the willpower was near zero this morning. BUT I DID. And I got in forty minutes. So it’s all good.

OH. Y’all. I did all of my leg day yesterday. I had to do lower weight on a few things cause of the shoulder, but I even did my smith machine squats. YAS. I LOVE THOSE SO MUCH.

So boo, shoulder. We will do this without you!

Okay. I’m going to work now.

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I don’t float.

I went to the lake with my family this weekend. You probably knew this already. But I did. And it was awesome.

I also went to the lake with my family almost exactly a year ago. Do you remember? It was a great trip, but I also had a meltdown about not having the right food options and was a weirdo about trying to get my workouts in. Basically, I was only a month or two into this thing and freaked the eff out that I was going to derail and fail.

But a lot changes in a year.

Since the trip last year, I’ve gone down three or four sizes. I know nothing is going to derail me. I’m learning to have a healthier relationship with food. And I’m confident enough in my ability to either make up a workout or search tumblr til I find one I like.

I also bought my first ever bikini. I got it a few months back and have worn it out several times now, but the family trip had me nervous. I was afraid they’d make comments or I’d be uncomfortable. Turns out, no one cares. Yep, my ghost white tummy was on full display and it JUST DIDN’T MATTER. What did matter was that I wasn’t weighted down by some swim dress, I was comfortable and I felt amazing. I’m not where I want to be yet, but there’s no reason not to embrace where I am right now.

But do you know the best/worst thing I learned on this trip?


Now back in the day, I was a freaking buoy. I could lay on my back and just float around for DAYS. And I was all proud and junk like look at me I’m so awesome! And then I found out that the reason I could float so well was that FAT FLOATS. So yeah, I was a big ol’ buoy. GOOD GRIEF.


So this year rolls around, I have a shoulder injury that keeps me from being able to swim very well, and I jump off the boat like it’s no big deal.


I’m not saying I’m this sick shredded muscle bound brute, but I am saying that apparently 100 pounds of fat makes a big difference! It took a lot of energy to tread water, especially with just one arm. I eventually made it back to the boat, but I had to make sure I had a flotation device nearby all weekend.

It sucks because apparently I’m not as strong of a swimmer as I thought I was, but also pretty awesome that I’m not just floating along with 100 extra pounds of fat.

I guess I have to refresh my swimming skills and fix this shoulder nonsense before I go jumping off boats again. :)

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Wasn’t sure what my plan would be this morning. I knew I wanted to do some upper body, but also my shoulder is still bothering me. So I headed downstairs and started making stuff up.

There are no dumbbells here, so I used a 10 lb kettle bell and a resistance band. It worked out pretty well. I hooked the band on a column outside so I had a nice view for rows and chest fly. :)

Thennn I decided I really did feel like doing cardio so I figured hey let’s do a lot of a few things! So I did walking lunges, jump rope and squats in decreasing sets. Idk what to call that? Whatever. It was GOOD. OH And I forgot to add, I did 3 sets of 100s at the end. Just to add some core. Woo!

So now I’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend. There’s a kayak here so I took that out for a while yesterday and I’ll probably do it again today. Yay physical activity!

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Lake workouts are the best workouts!!

I was a little upset when I realized I wouldn’t be able to get my long run in this weekend. The house we rented (which is gorgeous and fancy and I’m in love) is kind of in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods and hills and gravel roads. Aka not the best terrain for an 8 mile run when you’re not a seasoned runner. Luckily there is a treadmill downstairs so I figured I would at least get like four miles. Got about 5 minutes in when I realized I was hating it and then it dawned on me:

Why on earth am I going to slog away on a treadmill for 45 minutes when I’m on vacation? Answer: I’m not. So I got off and hopped on the fancy spin bike they also have downstairs (seriously home owners, kudos. This place is sick.) and figured I’d at least get a little cardio in. But then I figured hey, I can make this a kick ass workout. So I rode for 30 minutes, then did the cardio workout in the photo above. Holy mother. SO GOOD!!

So all in all I got a really solid hour of cardio in and I feel amazing. I got to spin in honor of my bestie Annie southerngirlinwi and do a bunch of cardio outside overlooking the lake. Now I am ready to conquer the day.

Life is good, y’all. Life is good.

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Yup. I could get used to this.

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Yup. I could get used to this.

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This weekend’s challenge is to just live my damn life. I’m at the lake with my family. No freak outs about food, no stressing because there’s nowhere to do my long run, no assuming I’m gong to gain fifty pounds.

LIVE YOUR DAMN LIFE THERESA. that’s going to include food and booze and slacking off on your workouts. IT’S OKAY.

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Ugh, sprints. Got a late start this morning but luckily the weather was AMAZING.

10 min warm up jog

tabata sprints

1 min recovery jog

:30 sprint, :30 jog

:20 sprint, :20 jog

:15 sprint, :15 jog

:20 sprint, :20 jog

:30 sprint, :30 jog

5 min cool down jog

I tried to will my legs to go fast and they just weren’t cooperating today. But I finished. Now I have to make it til 5 pm then I’m headed to the lake for the weekend. Wooooo!

(Isn’t my stretching spot beautiful? It was in the shade and lovely!)

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Quick Fit (7/16): Back at it

I think I’m too overwhelmed with everything else in my life to focus on the fact that I’m having to modify and skip certain exercises. I’m too damn tired to have a workout-related meltdown apparently.

2x @ :45 each:




strap row

chest pass

bus driver

squat throw

straight leg sit ups


straight leg bend over balance

bosu balance

tennis ball balance

kettle bell swing

squat press

pull overs

Only had to modify a few, so that was good. Now time to ice my shoulder and eat. Mmmmmm food and pain relief.

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